Original and Research

Dr Albert Laporte, a leading cell biologist, has been conducting research on transdermal absorption for over 50 years and is the visionary behind the Gernetic International range.

In 1961 he started his own research in cellular biology. Busy investigating the internal causes of all beauty problems (wrinkles, acne, cellulite, fatty deposit, too big or too small a breast, etc…) he was particularly concerned on how to heal and re-structure the tissues in cases of third degree burns.

The original formula that forms the basis of the range was developed by Dr Laporte whilst working in the burns unit of a Paris Hospital as treatment for burns and scarring. Together with many hospitals and clinics, he investigated the biological composition of each cell of the human body and continually searched for essential nutritious elements whose molecular weight and volume let them be absorbed by the skin. All of these nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids) had to correspond closely to the biological composition of the cells, so as to regenerate the tissues.

Through his lifetime of research Dr Laporte studied all the internal organ tissues of the human body, looking at their cells, comparing the components of thousands of healthy samples to unhealthy samples and cataloguing the exact cell components required to maintain a healthy specimen.

He then set about the enormous task of finding the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals from plant and marine sources to create the cellular recomposition of the organs themselves. Once identified, these ingredients were incorporated into a cream that could be applied and left on the skin, allowing the nutrients to absorb into the system and replenish the specific organs. Dramatic results were documented – even when mineral deficiencies had not been previously obvious to the individuals.

After 17 years of intense research, he decided to create one-of-a-kind, safe, sound, natural, scientific, smart skin care product line that would be absolutely out of the ordinary, an advanced technology based on essential nutrition through the skin. He founded Laboratoires GERnétic Synthese (LABO-GER.S) in 1978.