The most powerful cosmeceutical skin careView product range
The most powerful cosmeceutical skin care

Unique skin care products for all ages and all skin types

In order to make you more beautiful and help your skin regain its radiance, our company is always at the forefront of new technologies.  Our purpose is to create the appropriate skin care to each one of you, to achieve harmony between your personality and femininity.

Dr Laporte’s philosophy is that beauty imperfections are the reflection of internal deficiencies at the cellular level. He has included the beneficial effects of amino acids, peptides, proteins, vitamins, trace elements, noble oils and many more natural molecules upon skin health.

Given that GERnetic’s origins stem from the tender and healing approach required for the treatment of skin burns, it is no surprise that a gentle and caring philosophy also flows through how we operate as a business. For instance, there is no animal testing involved in the making of GERnetic. The active ingredients are 100% natural which guarantee optimal results without risk of allergy.

Our Products

Imagine discovering a range of skin care products that work at a cellular level, enabling your skin to regenerate and heal itself. Products that fuse decades of scientific knowledge of the ageing process of cells to bring you significant and lasting results.

Imagine understanding the difference between a mature and a young skin. Gernétic do not imagine; we research and study. We understand the difference and we excel in creating products to correct skin conditions and maintain a healthy, youthful skin.

You no longer need to imagine. The science is called Applied Cellular Biology and the resulting products are loved by thousands of people across the world.

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Our Methods

For more than 40 years, our top priority has been to ensure that the various active ingredients in our products reach directly to your body cells’ heart.  Our methods are based on 3 main principles:

1. Using high-tech processes to enrich the formulation of our products with increasingly active natural substances.

2. Developing their synergy for treatment right down into the epidermis, making them up to 10 times more efficient.

3. Guaranteeing you flawless quality by testing and controlling all our products before, during and after their production.

Our Advice

The use of GERnetic products at home only will never give the same results as when combined with salon treatments and conversely salon treatments alone will not give the expected results either.

To achieve the most out of your products from GERnetic and to benefit from the best advice in their use, follow the recommendations of your GERnetic SKIN TREATMENT THERAPIST. As a true professional, trained by us in our methods, she will always be able tofind the right answer to your needs and expectatons within your SKIN DIAGNOSIS and CONSULTATION.

You will benefit greatly from our relaxing and non-aggressive methods and beauty cares with the GERnetic clinic and products used at home.