Facial Skincare Products

From Acne to Anti Ageing

Gernétic brings its knowledge of science and beauty together to create a range of products that will nurture and restore your skin’s natural radiance. Targeting specific skin conditions such as dehydration, acne, oiliness, wrinkles, sensitivity, scarring, couperose and pigmentation, and using marine extracts rich in proteins and nutrients, Gernétic’s products work in harmony with the skin to produce extraordinary results. To find the products that are right for your skin, search on the left side menu bar by  range or concern.

Every skin is unique and needs to be nurtured so.

The skin is a complex and ever-changing organ that contains many specialised cells and structures. Comprising of 3 layers, the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissues, the skin is constantly regenerating. The epidermis or top layer of the skin sheds every few weeks while the dermis consists of 2 layers, the papillary and reticular layers. This is where the collagen fibres are located and this is where Gernétic’s anti-ageing products get to work.

The face is a sensitive area, constantly exposed to environmental factors as well as being affected by health and lifestyle. Working deep into the skins layers, Gernétic’s products stimulate the skin’s natural ability to heal and renew by targeting specific cells with the required active nutrients. The result is renewed vitality and extended longevity.