Frequently Asked Questions


How is Gernétic different from other skin care products?

Gernétic is different because the formulas that make up our range are the result of extensive scientific research, with our ingredients being molecular in size meaning they are able to penetrate down to the cellular level and provide nourishment directly to the skin cells. Drawn from nutrients sourced from marine and plant life, the structure of our ingredients is in harmony with the human cell's composition allowing the active ingredients to transfer easily, regenerating and restoring the skin's appearance. Gernétic therefore differs to other products on the market that do not permeate to this level and are therefore quite superficial.

What does the Gernétic name stand for?

Gernétic's name is derived from the terms, gerontology and genetic. Gerontology is the study of the ageing process. Genetics is the science of life, living matter and genes. Gernétic draws on research from both these areas in creating its range of skin care products.

Where can I find Gernétic products and treatments?

You will be able to find Gernétic's products and treatments in professional beauty salons only.

How is a Gernétic treatment performed?

At your first appointment you will be asked to fill in an assessment card. This will enable your therapist to evaluate your needs and to tailor your face, bust and/or body treatments. Gernétic treatments are very relaxing. They consist of the application of appropriate lotions, serums and creams that are gently massaged and then infused with specific masks. Visible results are usually achieved from the very first treatments. To maintain and enhance these results, a home program will also be prescribed.

What kind of results can I expect and how long does it take?

Through Gernétic nutritional molecules, you can expect to reduce or manage any skin or beauty imperfections caused by deficiencies as well as repair skin damage. Depending upon the repair needs of your skin, you should begin to see results straight away. You will notice significant changes in one month, and substantial and sustained improvements after three months.

Does Gernétic reduce wrinkles?

When Gernétic is used before the appearance of wrinkles, the nutritional elements from the formulas help keep the skin wrinkle-free for a very long time. When a Gernétic program is started when wrinkles have already appeared, the same nutritional elements will reduce their depth and number.

When was Gernétic first created?

Gernétic was created in 1978 in France. It was then introduced to Europe and beyond, and began being distributed in Australia in 1989.

Is Gernétic suitable for all skin types?

Gernétic's formulas are in harmony with the skin cells, which makes them suitable for all skin types, skin conditions and all ages.

Where do the ingredients come from?

Gernétic uses biotechnology to extract all their active ingredients from natural sources, organic plant extracts and marine micro algae. This green high-tech method makes use of a culture of micro-organisms with micro algae or plant cells and produces compounds rich in amino acids, vitamins and other valuable elements.

Can I use Gernétic after a laser treatment, a dermabrasion, an IPL or a led light therapy?

Yes you can, as your skin will repair better and faster if it receives appropriate nutritional elements.

What is cellular therapy?

Cellular therapy is an alternative medicine used in some European countries. Medical practitioners inject active molecules into the patient, enabling the nutrients to travel in the blood stream and nourish the body's organs. It is based on the body's ability to recover its health and harmony when its cells receive proper nutrition.

Is Gernétic considered akin to alternative medicines?

Gernétic's product formulation is based on the theory of cellular therapy.

Do Gernétic's products contain collagen and elastin?

No, Gernétic's products do not contain elastin or collagen. The nutritional molecules in Gernétic entice the skin to produce its own collagen and elastin, which is much more beneficial in terms of skin elasticity.

Is it true that I can use all the face creams on the eye area?

Most of the face products such as milks, lotions, creams and masks can be used on the eye area but you should not apply the peeling, the purifying and the whitening product lines to this very sensitive region.

How come the same basic cream can be used on oily and dry skins?

You are most likely referring to Synchro. This fundamental cream can be used on oily or dry skins because these two different problems are in fact caused by the same nutritional deficiencies. By receiving nutritional molecules the skin function improves, balancing itself back to normal.

I feel a tingling sensation when I use a mask. Is it normal?

Yes, at the beginning when you use a Gernétic mask your skin receives a lot of nutrients resulting in a wake-up effect, hence the tingling sensation you may experience for a few minutes. But you will notice that, when the mask is removed, your skin is very calm.

Why isn't there any chemical peel in the Gernétic range?

The Gernétic philosophy is to nurture the cells by supplying nutritional molecules, which results in a very healthy cell renewal rate and prevents a build-up of dead cells. Our approach is not to strip the skin (as occurs in a chemical peel). However Gernétic has a very gentle Flower Acid Lotion that activates the natural desquamation of dead skin cells. It can be used in courses once or twice a year on skins that are not sensitive.

How and where do skin problems such as acne, couperose and rosacea originate?

Most of the skin problems you mention originate from poor skin immunity and from deficiencies. They can also be triggered by the use of aggressive or inadequate products. Gernétic nutritional molecules nurture the skin, enhancing its immunity.

How can creams help me lose weight?

Gernétic creams can be of assistance in the battle to lose weight by assisting with a better elimination of toxins. The inclusion of nutritive elements such as vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids can assist in quenching food appetite.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the result of a poor elimination of toxins and metabolic waste linked to a poor blood circulation and excess of folliculine, the female hormone. It affects 85% of women.

How can creams help me lose cellulite?

Gernétic creams can be of assistance in the battle to reduce cellulite by their decongesting and draining actions, promoting a better elimination of toxins and metabolic waste.

If I am pregnant can I use Gernétic?

Yes, you can use all skin care products as well as the Anti-Stries cream to avoid stretch marks and the Vasco/Artera decongesting cream for heavy or swollen legs.

Can Gernetic help me not get stretch marks?

Yes, the specific Anti-Stries cream as well as Synchro can certainly help prevent stretch marks. They can be applied daily on the stomach and the bust as soon as you start putting on weight.

Are there any side effects when I use Gernétic?

No, Gernétic products have never had any side effects as their formulas are developed around natural nutritional molecules that are in harmony with our body. Our products result in enhanced beauty and wellbeing.

What is the link between nutrition, diet and the Gernétic products?

Gernétic is like essential nutrition applied through the skin.

Should I use the body or bust products daily till the end of my life?

No. However, once you have achieved the desired results, it is best to keep using some products once or twice a week to maintain them.

Gernétic has a very extensive range of products. Where do I start?

It is best to consult with a beauty therapist who specialises in the Gernétic product range. They will be able to guide you in your selection depending upon your age and skin concerns.

Is there a ‘right age' to begin using Gernétic?

Because our products are natural and gentle on the skin, they are suitable for use by all ages. Many people have used our Synchro product to care for their baby's skin. Gernétic has a young skin range specifically formulated for the skin care needs of teenagers and young adults.

Do I need to go to a salon regularly or will home care be enough?

The Gernétic range is highly effective for home use. You will however achieve enhanced results through regular salon treatments.

Are my Gernétic products tested on animals?

Definitely not! Gernétic does not use any new laboratory-engineered molecules. All their active ingredients are extracted from natural sources and their properties are well known, which means that testing on animals is not required and not performed. The efficiency of the finished products is assessed on volunteer human guinea pigs under dermatological supervision before they are released for production and distribution.