Activates the micro-circulation and facilitates the absorption of the other body products. Lympho is decongesting.

Key Ingredients

Biological compounds rich in amino acids, fatty esters, trace elements and a complex of alanine and glutamic and aspartic acids.
Extracts of horse chestnut and ginseng
Seaweed extracts

Benefits of Key Ingredients
Nutritive, enhancing reaction-inducing hyperaemia thus encouraging the absorption of the active ingredients of the other body products.
Decongestive and draining actions.
Activate the micro-circulation.

Skin Conditions
Lympho is used to prepare the skin before the application of specific body products to enhance absorption of their active ingredients.

Lympho is decongesting and draining.

Usage Instructions
Daily Morning or Morning and Night

Lympho is to be applied from the soles of the feet to the waist, using light upward strokes, before any other body product.

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