Sensitive Pack

Discover the benefits of Gernétic with the Sensitive Skin Set, containing a combination of Gernétic products for sensitive and inflamed skin to calm redness and boost natural health, well-being and skin tone.

Synchro Regenerating Cream
Synchro is a concentrated cream with unrivalled regenerating and healing powers. It is the one cream you cannot go without. It is at the very core of Gernétic’s research and philosophy.

Synchro’s cocktail of amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and nurturing oils is designed to regenerate the epidermis cells. It has significant healing capabilities and it restores the natural skin’s defence system.

Synchro has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing properties that alleviate a number of skin problems.
Vasco Decongesting Cream

Vascularising and decongesting, Vasco strengthens the capillary walls and increases their elasticity bringing congested skin back to life. With its biological compounds, amino acids and vitamins, Vasco is soothing and calming, leaving a harmonised skin tone and colour.

Cytobi Soothing Cream
Using a synergy of super nutrition, Cytobi is a concentrate of biological compounds rich in amino acids and vitamins. Inducing healing and the regeneration of tissues, Cytobi is an anti-inflammatory cream ideal for sensitive, reactive and problematic skins.

Usage Instructions
After preparing your skin with Glyco and Fibro, apply a small amount of Vasco to the face, neck and decolletage, concentrating on areas of concern. Follow with the application of Synchro cream.

After preparing your skin with Glyco and Fibro, apply Synchro Cream to the face, neck and decolletage. Follow with the application of Cytobi Cream.

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