Gel Men

Non-foaming soap specifically formulated for the needs of male skin.

Men Gel purifies, disinfects and deeply cleanses the pores.

Key Ingredients
Stearic acid ester and glycerol from vegetal sources.
Sugar from plants: decyl-polyglucoside.

Benefits of Key Ingredients
Allow a deeper cleansing of the pores.
Regulate sebum production, anti-microbial.
Cleans and leaves the skin soft and pleasant.
Prepares the skin to get the best from the application of other specific Gernétic products.

Skin Conditions
All male skin types.

Men Soap Gel allows a deeper cleansing of the pores.

It purifies and disinfects.

Usage Instructions
Morning & Night

Men Soap Gel is easy to use in the morning and/or evening. Apply a small quantity by light massage, rinse off with warm water.

Can be used under a shower.

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