Revitalizes epidermis and dermis which contributes to bringing back vitality and bounce to the skin.

Key Ingredients
Several biological compounds based from chlorella, proteoglycans and hyaluronic acid. These compounds contain a mucoglycoproteins complex, chondroitin sulphates, mucopolysaccarides and native hydroxiproline.
Palmitoyl oiligopeptide, a chain of 5 amino acids bonded together and linked to a fatty acid.

Benefits of Key Ingredients
Proteoglycans and hyaluronic acid make up a major part of the extra-cellular matrix, the material between the cells that provides structural support.
Palmitoyl oligopeptide increases collagen and elastin production speeding skin’s healing.

Skin Conditions
Dehydrated skin, fine lines around the eyes and on the neck.

Loss of skin vitality and bounce.

The hydrophilic properties of the active ingredients help to retain larger quantities of water, restructuring cutaneous tissues.

These compounds are revitalizing and nourishing.

The skin recovers its vitality and firmness.

Usage Instructions
Morning & Night

Apply a few drops of Cells-Life to the eye contour and the neck or all over the face in conjunction with Synchro or Cytobi.

Cells-Life can be applied before or after all other creams or after Hydra-Ger Mask.

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