Ger Peel

Creamy finely granulated peeling.

Ger-Peel removes dead skin cells and softens skin.

Key Ingredients
Polyolefine microcapsules
Extracts of cucumber, arnica and elm

Benefits of Key Ingredients
Assure a smooth peeling eliminating dead cells.
Softening and soothing action.

Skin Conditions
Irritation-free skins of all ages in need of gentle exfoliation.

Ger-Peel contains microcapsules that dissolve when rubbed, releasing a polyolefine gel that gently smoothes your skin. It is mainly used to eliminate dead cells and remove impurities from the skin.

Usage Instructions
Once a week.

With wet hands gently distribute Ger-Peel all over the body. Massage in using circular movements.

Rinse off under the shower.

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