Skin Clair Concentrate

Light gel-like concentrate.

Skin Clair Concentrate eliminates tanned superficial cells and lightens pigmentation spots.

Key Ingredients
Extracts from white mulberry tree, bearberry, birch, liquorice and grapefruit.
Keratolytic enzyme.
Stabilized protease.
Gluconic acid.

Benefits of Key Ingredients
Natural compound synergising the depigmenting and whitening activity.
Eliminates deeply tanned cells through a natural process.
Increases desquamation and cellular renewal.
Causes a slumbering in the activity of the melanocytes.
Reduces melanin production by trapping copper atoms at the cellular level.

Skin Conditions
Skin with patches of over-pigmentation.

Skin Clair Depigmenting Serum induces desquamation of tanned superficial cells and reduces melanin production.

Usage Instructions
Morning and/or Night
Morning and or evening, apply a very small amount to pigmented spots only.

Must be followed by Skin Clair Nutritive Cream.

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