Eye Contour Gel

Counteracts the signs of tiredness, dehydration and ageing of the eye area.

Eye Gel restores skin elasticity thus reducing fine lines.

Key Ingredients
Lipo-amino-acid compound associating methionine and lysine with natural lauric acid.
Benefits of Key Ingredients

Anti free radicals, hydrating and nutritive.
Encourages fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin.
Slows down the elastin-destroying elastase’s activity.
Stimulates cell renewal.

Skin Conditions
Dehydration or fine lines around the eye area.

Eye Contour Gel has anti-free radicals and moisturizing properties. It supports the synthesis of elastin, which contributes to attenuate fine lines.

It provides comfort and freshness.

Usage Instructions

Apply a small quantity to the eye area before your other specific creams.

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